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My 5 yr old son saw the trailer and thought it looked fantastic. Loads of humour and visual jokes. When we went to cinema we were disappointed to find the trailer showed the best bits and the film was just plumped out in between. Having the different characters from different Lego sets was a good idea too as he was able to recognise them especially batman.

Watch The Lego Movie Online Free


Watch The Lego Movie Online Free

He got restless towards the end in the basement scenes. The song was catchy and fun and the way everything was made from Lego was of course great

Watch The Lego Movie Online Free Megashare  I think it’s safe to say that most movies based off of toys never really end well. So that brings up the question: does “The Lego Movie” fall into the same sad category such as the “Transformers” series and “Battleship” or does it break that problem that has plagued toy adaptations for years? The answer is, happily, the latter.”The Lego Movie” is about the journey of one tiny Lego figure named Emmet. In an ancient prophecy it was foreshadowed that a mighty hero would come and save the Lego Universe from a terrible villain who planned on gluing the entire universe together.Just like the toy that inspired it, this movie was brimming with imagination from top to bottom

I really do genuinely love this movie on so many levels. I was a huge fan of Legos as a kid, and this movie reminded me why. The movie has such a creative vision, in visual style, and even with it’s self-referential humor! It’s humor isn’t just gut-bustingly hilarious, it’s very creative! You have to be some kind of genius to make me and everyone around me laugh this much! This movie isn’t just a solid entertaining animated movie, it’s one of the finest examples of American animation in the entire genre. This was really better than the majority of mainstream animated movies to come out..


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